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They bring a ferry in order to Governor’s Area in which a freak hurricane keeps caused all the mortals so you’re able to evacuate

The employees of Serapis

When you are Percy himself never ever indeed looks within this facts, is said many times of the Annabeth, who had been bringing the subway to help you their apartment prior to experiencing Sadie, and is intended to have gone after that her excitement.

The new Crown out-of Ptolemy

Annabeth visits Percy’s flat and says to your on the a dream you to definitely she got off her mom Athena, in the trouble making in Manhattan. While they’re swept up into island in the middle of snakes, they just be sure to contact Carter and you can Sadie Kane but falter. Annabeth and you may Percy want to deal with Setne, who is studying on the Publication of Thoth, themselves. They generate an intend to use the invisibility limit to help you sneak on Setne, whenever you are Percy distracts him. Before powering away from to your battle, Percy offers Annabeth a hug however if they die. If you are Percy was coming through to Setne, he vacation and drops towards the their butt that makes him apparent with the magician. Setne understands that Annabeth is utilizing their invisibility cap and you may grabs the girl, saying that he is used invisibility secret for as long as the newest pyramids was basically existing. Setne up coming uses a magic spell you to definitely pins Percy for the crushed. Setne reveals that he was enjoying Annabeth and you may Sadie when they was basically struggling Serapis and this is actually an experiment to see new vitality that Annabeth and you will Sadie had.

Setne summons Wadjet temporarily in order for they can consume the girl substance and take the latest Top of All the way down Egypt you to definitely she wears. Prior to the guy ruins the woman, he takes a beneficial selfie with her to “remember” whenever. Annabeth comes to an end that when he sets a few crowns of straight down and you will top Egypt that he usually ruin the world. Setne states the guy discovered that an effective “little” demigod bloodstream is perfect for performing a war, however, Percy concludes your from the striking your about gut that have Riptide. Having Riptide sticking out out of him, he assimilates new sword’s substance and you may learns about every one of Annabeth and you can Percy’s escapades. Unexpectedly, Sadie and you may Carter are available and attack Setne that have a camel, however, the guy manages to escape.

The new squad decides to regroup and decide in order to bundle if you find yourself going baltic dating site south of your Governor’s Island. Carter and you will Annabeth pick that they have to mix symptoms so you’re able to beat Setne. Carter provides Percy his wand turning into a beneficial kopis and Sadie will teach Annabeth new Egyptian word getting exploding. In exchange, Annabeth instructs Sadie the newest Greek keyword getting exploding and gives the girl invisibility cover so you’re able to Carter.

When the squad finds out Setne, they are seeking summon Nekhbet. All of them costs, however, fail in the fighting Setne. Nekhbet try successfully revived and you may attempts to attack Setne, however, Percy and you will Annabeth remove her out given that Setne is trying for eating the girl essence. Setne drops the ebook off Thoth when Carter yells “stahp,” and he disappears that have Nekhbet’s Top away from Upper Egypt.

Nekhbet decides to stay with the newest five family to get this lady top back and help wreck Setne. She shows that she blend with Percy since the combination Egyptian and you will Greek efforts worked before. Percy hesitantly agrees to they, but because it’s the only way to defeat Setne. Immediately after combining to your goddess, they’re going out to discover Setne once more. Shortly after seeking your, the fresh quartet happens following the crown so he does not turn-in the floor. Setne covers Carter’s dad, and you can Carter will be taking off his hat regarding invisibility and you may visits attack Setne inside the avatar means, however, Setne blasts Carter for the soil. Setne after that rambles towards the in the as to why the guy desires to be immortal along with getting memorabilia just after him like accumulated snow planets. After Carter gets blasted, Percy turns into their vulture avatar form, and you will Sadie whispers some thing on Annabeth’s ear. Percy grabs Setne and you may swoops him on the heavens. Throughout the sky, Setne says to Percy he was a trick for quitting immortality. Nekhbet will abide by Setne one Percy is actually dumb to show down immortality, but Percy fights in the past plummeting with the ocean. Shortly after on the water, Percy regains each one of their energy, drops his avatar setting, grabs Setne by the mouth area, and you will drags him toward area. A newly bandaged Carter welcomes Percy, plus Annabeth and you can Sadie that drawn a circle on the the ground. Percy decides to generate him endure having eternity in lieu of destroying your. While you are closing him regarding, Carter thinks about Setne’s snow industry idea and you may barriers him into the a snow business. Sadie indicates that she informed Annabeth their secret identity before, however, Annabeth states she’s already neglecting all of the wonders she discovered.



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