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Thinking Aang and his family members was in fact in control, she pursued them before the resistance helped them eliminate

Fulfilling an old buddy

Ahead of joining Azula, Mai unwillingly resided from the recently beat town of Omashu having the woman mom, baby sis, Tom-Tom, and her dad, the newest Fire Nation-designated governor of your area-county. Mai described Omashu once the “unbearably bleak” to help you this lady mom and complained out of exactly how bored she are, stating that she happened to be a lot more bored than she are straight back on the Fire Country. Inviting the latest distraction, she didn’t think twice to continue the fresh attack when the Omashu Resistance were unsuccessful in their you will need to break her and her family below a boulder.

Appropriate, Azula found its way to the metropolis, with Ty Lee within the tow, so you’re able to generate Mai to greatly help their on the a new goal. Eager to escape Omashu, Mai provided to which immediately although she was not advised exactly what one to objective is actually. Before leaving, however, Azula designated Mai, in the place of their father, in order to oversee a pre-set up hostage change: Queen Bumi getting Tom-Tom, the girl kid aunt, which strolled out from the town which have a group of fleeing residents and you can is actually subsequently assumed “kidnapped” by opposition. not, before Mai first started your order, Azula disrupted, coyly suggesting one exchange an effective earthbender king having a two-year-old is actually smartly unwise. Immediately after a determined pause, Mai concurred and you can proclaimed the deal out-of, hence initiating a combat among them edges. Initial, she was overloaded by the Katara’s waterbending skills until Ty Lee blocked their opponent’s chi. Mai involved to finish Katara away from in advance of Sokka banged their weapon aside together with boomerang. Later on, as the Mai, Azula, and you can Ty Lee was indeed leaving the town, Mai impassively affirmed you to their purpose was to “track down” the fresh new today-fugitive Zuko and you can Iroh, even when she performed look at the idea out of viewing Zuko again. Yet not, Azula detailed that they together with had a 3rd target, Aang. [6]

Desire Class Avatar

Mai, Azula, and you may Ty Lee tracked Aang and his awesome companions, as soon as Aang split off Katara and you will Sokka, Azula sent Mai and you may Ty Lee to face her or him whenever you are she chased down Aang. Mai and you can Ty Lee outdone the sisters as an alternative with ease, far to some extent due to the siblings’ sleep disorders, even though these people were trapped out of-protect of the an air blast out of Appa and you can sent flying for the the local river. [13]

When a fire Country drill try heading toward Ba Play Se, Mai conveyed this lady boredom from the twirling good shuriken doing their hands. Whenever several professional earthbenders tried to avoid the bore, Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee to stand her or him, and therefore elicited approval off Mai as it was something to carry out. not, when Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee once Sokka and you will Katara, who had been caught trying sabotage the fresh exercise from inside, Mai refused to chase them into slurry tube, proclaiming that even after how much cash super which work off defiance might end up in Azula so you’re able to put at the the girl, she’d maybe not enter into one “wall structure sludge juice”-and therefore gave the feeling you to Mai was not scared of new princess. Later on, Aang lost the new drill from the causing the slurry tube so you can straight back up-and burst, for this reason coating everyone in the standard area within the slurry. After this, a completely clean Mai leaned off a hatch and you may dryly established on sludge-wet Ty Lee and Azula: “I destroyed.” [14]

Slide out of Ba Sing Se

Mai after assisted Azula within the assaulting Suki in addition to other Kyoshi Fighters, saying that the colourful cosmetics and clothing was in fact while making the woman sick. [15] Following three lady defeated the brand new Kyoshi Warriors, Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee donned their uniforms to slip to the Ba Sing Se. Into the Azula’s commands, Mai and Ty Lee purposely talked about its Fire Nation origins in the open, banking toward Dai Li are prying to them and relaying the message so you can Enough time Feng.



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